Re: Buildpacks PMC - 2015-10-12 Notes

Mike Dalessio

Hello Guillaume,

Thanks for asking these questions!

On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 3:32 AM, Guillaume Berche <bercheg(a)> wrote:

Hi Mike,

Thanks for sharing the buildpacks PMC notes.

Related to the architecture epic, What's the outcome of this epic and the
general direction the buildpack team is taking for pluggeable staging
pipeline ?
We're having some discussions now as to next steps. Ideally I'd like to
identify a track of feature work that will drive out a set of features for
extending the buildpack staging lifecycle. If you or anyone else has
suggestions, I'm all ears.

The Experiment #5 [3] relying on environment variables POST_BUILDPACK
seems pretty promising. Would it support an orderer list of post buildpacks
No reason it couldn't support an ordered set of buildpacks. I'm not fully
convinced this is the best way to proceed, but it's certainly the easiest,
and we're looking at it pretty hard at this point.

Concerning the story "Experiment #6: Investigate using a pluggable / web
services model for extending staging to operators and developers" [1] we
had discussed together into [2]. The story is marked as accepted, but I
can't see the result, and future work, including how this could be exposed
to CF operators or users.
This experiment was cut short, as the "web hook" model introduced too many
reliability concerns, in my opinion, especially around relying on external
services to stage an app. I'm open to revisiting it in the future, but
would like to try more pedestrian solutions first.

Can you share with the community a summary of learnings from these
experiments and where the "buildpack lifecycle" would be go in the future?
Absolutely, I will do so soon.




On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 11:33 PM, Mike Dalessio <mdalessio(a)>

Hello CF community,

Here is an update from the Buildpacks PMC, as of 2015-10-12. The full
notes are available at

but I've reproduced them below in their entirety for your convenience.

*Please note* that there are three proposals below for which we're
requesting comments from the community. We invite comments and concerns, as
well as alternative solutions, in the Github Issues that are linked to



Buildpacks PMC Notes as of 2015-10-08

The last set of notes were sent out on 2015-09-09

of Contents

1. Update on Stacks
2. Update on Buildpacks
1. General
2. java-buildpack
3. go-buildpack
4. php-buildpack
5. python-buildpack


Released cflinuxfs2 1.9.0
<> and 1.8.0
<>, which
address USN-2740-1 <>, "ICU
vulnerabilities" and USN-2739-1 <>,
"FreeType vulnerabilities".


The Buildpacks team has been doing further experimentation with
*extensibility* for both developers and operators. Results can be seen
in the public Tracker under the "architecture" epic

The Buildpacks team has also been working on a feature track to allow end
users of the core buildpacks to *verify the origin* of all binaries
vendored in the buildpack. This "chain of custody" track is intended to
allow security-minded CF operators to trust the buildpack binaries being
run in their deployment (and to regenerate the binaries themselves as
needed). This work can be viewed in the public Tracker under the "chain
of custody" epic <>.


Released java-buildpack 3.2
<> and
3.3 <>.

These buildpacks add Luna HA support, as well as deliver improvements to
the memory calculator.

Please view the release notes
<> for full


Released go-buildpack v1.6.1
<> and
v1.6.2 <>

These releases add support for golang 1.5.1 and golang 1.4.3, which
addresses a number of CVEs in 1.4.2 and earlier. Support for golang 1.4.1
was dropped.

Please view the release notes
<> for full details.


*Proposal:* It is being proposed to drop support for golang 1.2.x and
1.3.x. We're using a Github Issue as an RFC, so please comment here:


Released v4.1.5
<>, and

- updates to nginx 1.9.5,
- updates to PHP 5.6.14, 5.6.13, 5.5.30, 5.5.29, and 5.4.45.
- addresses USN-2740-1 "ICU vulnerabilities" (in combination with
rootfs 1.9.0)

Please view the release notes
<> for full

of Life

*Please note that PHP 5.4 reached "End of Life" on 2015-09-14*. We
intend to remove support for this version of PHP in the next release of the


*Proposal:* It is being proposed to drop support for nginx 1.6 (but
keeping support for nginx 1.8 and 1.9). We're using a Github Issue as an
RFC, so please comment here:


Released v1.5.1
<> which
adds support for Python 3.5.0.

Please view the release notes
<> for full


*Proposal:* It is being proposed to add Node 4.x support by statically
linking against openssl 1.0.2. This introduces a requirement to restage
applications running Node 4.x to address openssl CVEs. (Currently, only a
rootfs update is needed for this scenario.) We're using a Github Issue as
an RFC, so please comment here:

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