Re: REST API endpoint for accessing application logs

Rohit Kumar

You should use the value coming from "doppler_logging_endpoint" not the
"logging_endpoint". What version of cf-release are you using? Alternatively
if you don't have a "doppler_logging_endpoint" in the response from
/v2/info , then use the URL from "logging_endpoint" but replace
"loggregator" with "doppler".


On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 7:47 AM, Ponraj E <ponraj.e(a)> wrote:

Hi Rohit,

Thanks for the reply. I tried this :

curl -k -H "Authorization: $(cf oauth-token | grep bearer)"$(cf app appName --guid)/recentlogs

with my logging_endpoint that i got from cf curl /v2/info (for ex: "
https://xxxx:443") .But it says host could not be resolved.


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