Re: "fork/exec exec format error" when installing cf CLI plugins

Simon L.

Hey Remi,

Do you have privileged access? What happens if you run the install with

CLI runs the plugin from '/tmp' during installation. Your system might not
allow programs to be executed in /tmp.

- Simon

On Wed, Oct 7, 2015 at 6:55 AM, remi clotaire tassing tagne <
tassingremi(a)> wrote:

So I was reading about plugins on cf CLI at

I tried installing a couple of plugins (from but none worked, it gives the error:
fork/exec /tmp/plugin_name: exec format error

I thought maybe it was a "go" issue and followed the advice on this link
(changing the tmp folder to smth under home):
But it didn't work.

my cf version is 6.12.4

Any idea on what's wrong?


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