[abacus] Updates to README and FAQ

Jean-Sebastien Delfino

I've gone through our README and FAQ and reorganized them a bit. The FAQ is
now under doc/faq.md. I've also fixed some of the sample output which was
outdated, mentioned the CF version we've been testing with, referenced the
sample secgroup.json you can use to setup your CF security group, and added
a bit more documentation of how to do development on Abacus.

Hristo: Looks like you've also added more documentation of the CF runtime
metering bridge. Thanks for that! Would you mind taking a quick look at
this commit [1]? We were making changes at the same time -- you were adding
text as I was changing some and moving files around :) -- so I hope I
didn't mess up when I merged, as it's a bit more difficult to do on pure
doc text than on code... If I messed up anything let me know and I'll go
back and fix it. Thanks.

All: Could you please review the latest README and FAQ and let us know what
you'd like to add or change?


-- Jean-Sebastien

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