Re: Managing services...instance limit for this service has been reached

Ben Laplanche <blaplanche@...>

Hi Tom

To increase the capacity of the dedicated-vm plan you need to do a few things

Firstly, increase the instance count of the job here [1]
Secondly, add additional static IPs for each new instance you have created here [2]

Thirdly, update the max instance count for the dedicated-vm under the broker properties here [3]
Lastly, also tell the broker about the additional static IPs for the additional VMs here [4]

And then bosh deploy your updated manifest and you should be good to go.



Ben Laplanche

On October 7, 2015 at 6:38:29 PM, Tom Sherrod (tom.sherrod(a) wrote:


I'm getting into the services aspects of cloud foundry. I've deployed cf-redis-release.
I've got 5 service instances, when I try to create another:
Server error, status code: 502, error code: 10001, message: Service broker error: instance limit for this service has been reached

What controls the instance limit? quotas says 100 service instances(don't think they are the same)
Using the share-service plan, defaults basically. I see a lot of documentation on services. I'm missing a step or concept along the way.
Pointers welcome.


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