Multi-Line Loggregator events and the new Splunk "HTTP Event Collector" API

Mike Youngstrom <youngm@...>

Splunk recently released its new "HTTP Event Collector" that greatly
simplifies how data can be streamed directly into Splunk without going to
an intermediate log file. It would be great to utilize this to efficiently
stream Loggregator information into Splunk.

For the most part loggregator appears to be very compatible with this API
with the exception of multi-line log messages.

The problem is that using this API splunk takes every request as an
independent splunk event. This completely eliminates anything splunk did
in the past to attempt to detect multi-line log messages.

Wouldn't it be great if a single loggregator event could contain multiple
log lines then these events could be easily streamed directly into Splunk
using this new api multiple lines preserved and all?

The previous attempt to bring up this topic fizzled [0]. With a new LAMB
PM coming I thought I'd ask my previous questions again.

In the previous thread [0] Erik mentioned a lot of work that he thought
would lead to multi-line log messages. But, it seems to me that the main
issue is simply how can a client actually communicate an multi-line event
to an agent? I don't think this issue is about breaking apart and then
combining log event rather how can I just I as a client hint to loggregator
that it should include multiple lines included into a single event?

Could it be as simple as escaping new lines with a '\' to notify the agent
to not end that event?

This problem cannot be solved without some help from loggregator.



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