Need information regarding health monitor and VM resurrection

Harpreet Ghai

Hi All,
I have been assigned verification and investigation task as follows,
(1) heatbeat interval from agent: 1 minute
(2) How long does it take for MicroBOSH to detect VM status is abnormal since no heartbeat from agent?
(3) How long does it take to complete VM resurrection since it is detected the VM status is abnormal?
(5) Messages
- What messages are output when
(5-1) MicroBOSH detected unresponse VM
(5-2) MicroBOSH detected VM is in abnormal state
(5-3) MicroBOSH finished VM resurrection succesfully
(5-4) MicroBOSH failed VM resurrection
(6) The messages are output to /var/vcap/sys/log/health_monitor/health_monitor.log.
- Are there any other files where the messages are output.

Appreciate your help in answering these question. Also how can I investigate these myself, what is the best place to look at.


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