Re: CF deployment environments available for CF incubating projects to use?

Michael Maximilien

Chiming in with some info and to add to Sebastien's request.

While most of the teams in CF have switched to using concourse for their pipelines. And each pipeline instantiation has to be built and manage individually. The issue mentioned here, needing to provision latest CF releases to use for testing apps, services, brokers, etc is a real one. And likely one many solve also individually.

Begs the question whether it should be offered as a service for all to use. Almost like "CF as a Service" type of service broker... Just thinking out loud here. Cloud capacity and managing resources would be the long running costs after initial investment.



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On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 7:27 PM, Jean-Sebastien Delfino
<jsdelfino(a)> wrote:

Hi all,
So far in the Abacus project we've been running our automated tests outside
CF (as our Node.js apps can also run outside with just a bit of env
variable config) on Travis-CI. Some of us also deploy our apps to Bosh lite
to test inside CF but maintaining working versions of Bosh lite is pretty
time consuming and that manual testing hasn't been a repeatable process so
far, so I'd really like to automate that with a proper CI build and test
Are there any CF deployment environments available for CF incubating
projects to use for CI builds and tests?
I'm looking for an environment where my build script could simply select a
specific version of CF, bootstrap it 'clean' (nothing left over from
previous runs), deploy the Abacus apps to it to run the tests there, then
repeat with a different version of CF etc.
Is anything like that already available for CF projects to use?
-- Jean-Sebastien

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