`cf app` output

Daniel Mikusa

Has something changed recently with the output of `cf app` and how it
reports memory usage?

I was deploying apps to CF v219 and noticed that the output of `cf app` is
not what I'm used to seeing.

I'm deploying a Java app with a 512M memory limit. The Java build pack is
setting the initial heap and metaspace sizes to be 373M and 64M
(-XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=64M -Xss995K -Xmx382293K -Xms382293K
-XX:MetaspaceSize=64M), which is a total of 437M. Since that's just the
heap and metaspace, I'd expect the app to start out using at least that
much memory.

The report from `cf app` is showing 366.3M of 512M.

Does anyone know how this is presently being calculated / have a link to
the source code where this is being calculated?



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