BOSH-Lite New install: Failure setting SPI endpoint



I'm attempting my maiden voyage with CF, deploying to my MBP. I've been following these guides: and then

I followed along just swimmingly until it came time to "Verify the Deployment" in that second link.

$ cf api --skip-ssl-validation
Setting api endpoint to
Server error, status code: 404, error code: 0, message:

I'm new to CF architecture so I'm not sure if this is a BOSH issue or not. I'm also not yet up to speed on the various endpoints and routes that get created. If I attempt to browse directly to I see:

"404 Not Found: Requested route ('') does not exist."

Like I mentioned, I'm sort of flying blind right now, trying to learn CF, and I don't understand the components and architecture enough yet to even diagnose.

Any tips?

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