Proposing a change to the Project Lead for Logging and Metrics

Dieu Cao <dcao@...>

Hello All,

Pivotal has asked Erik Jasiak, the current Project Lead for the Logging and
Metrics team, to focus on another Pivotal project. Therefore, Pivotal
would like to nominate Jim Campbell as the new Project Lead for the team.

Jim's experience as a PM for Pivotal and his familiarity with the team's
working habits means he will maintain the team's velocity as they continue
to deliver on the backlog. Jim has worked as a PM on a variety of products
including virtual machines up through multi-tenant SaaS stacks. Jim's
command of both technical products and integrated systems will enable him
to establish command of the subject matter quickly.

We plan to propose this change at the Runtime PMC meeting next week.

Runtime PMC Lead

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