Re: my app needs to get the number of instances in which its running, (in runtime my app uses this info in my program logic)

Alexander Lomov <alexander.lomov@...>

Hey, Sir Zooba. Sorry for the late response.

You can find the description of Cloud Controller API here [1]. You can make requests to your Cloud Controller through Gorouter component adding “api.” before main CF domain. For instance if you have CF deployment to<> domain, then you’ll need to use to reach CC.

The better option will be to use API wrappers for the language you work with. For instance for ruby you can choose this one [2].


On Sep 30, 2015, at 7:32 PM, zooba Sir <myfakename90(a)<mailto:myfakename90(a)>> wrote:

Also, please let me know how to call the API in my code.


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