Making your landscape trust a certain certificate authority

Mathias Essenpreis <esse@...>

we want to make the apps on our landscape trust a certain ca certificate of a ca we run internally. I came across the instructions on how to do this for the JRE buildpack:

I understand doing this once in the JRE buildpack will directly make all the java apps that of course need to make use of the JRE buildpack trusting our internal ca. Is that correct or do I need to change other buildpacks as well?

However this implies performing a fork of the JRE buildpack. A fork means that we always need to synchronize manually with the newer versions of the build pack.

How do you approach this problem in your organization? I suppose you also have internal certificate authorities that need to be trusted, right?

Also I am asking myself whether there is a way to enhance the default buildpack allowing an application (instead of the buildpack) to bring their own, additional certificates?


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