cloud_controller_ng performance degrades slowly over time

Matt Cholick

This is a pretty tricky one, as it takes a long time to manifest. After a
while without a restart, cloud_controller_ng take a long time listing org
users. For example, in an org with 350 users, before restart `cf org-users
ORG` took 1:20. After restart, the call took 0:07. We've only notice this
twice, both times after the cloud controller had been running for a couple
weeks without a restart.

Looking in New Relic, the breakdown of an individual call to
organization/guid/managers shows the majority of the call externally:

[image: Inline image 1]

Though uaa itself isn't the issue, as things are fine immediately after
restarting cloud_controller_ng (and restarting uaa has no affect).

Have other Cloud Foundry operators seen this degraded performance? Is there
other information we could provide to turn this into a workable bug report?

-Matt Cholick

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