Re: Permission denied error when unpacking droplet

Rohit Kelapure <rkelapure@...>

On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 7:03 PM, Amit Gupta <amitkgupta84(a)> wrote:

The DEA is trying to run a script in the warden container to untar the
droplet. For some reason, the user executing the script and the file
system permissions in the container in the /home/vcap directory are not
what they're supposed to be. I believe you are deploying and running all
the Cloud Foundry components in a non-standard way. You may wish to try a
more standard deployment, and look at the differences in users and file
system permissions between the standard deployment and your deployment, and
reverse-engineer what would need to be fixed in your deployment to get
things to work. Here's a blog post, at the end it talks about how you can
get a session into a warden container (
Alternatively you can look at the startup scripts used in the standard
deployments, e.g. (

Since you've configured all your components in a very idiosyncratic
manner, it's hard to say generally what you need to fix to get all the
permissions right.
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