diego error: failed to initialize container --where to look?

Tom Sherrod <tom.sherrod@...>

After upgrade to/deploy diego in multiple environments with success, I'm a bit stumped on error for a new install.

A cf docker-push results in:
015-09-26T16:02:01.65+0000 [API/0] OUT Updated app with guid 7aa5800b-96d3-48a0-b707-1d85680e10c9 ({"state"=>"STARTED"})
2015-09-26T16:02:01.74+0000 [API/0] ERR Failed to stage application: insufficient resources

I back up a step and diego enable an app. Fails on start of app:
2015-09-26T16:14:26.38+0000 [API/0] OUT App instance exited with guid be3f6daa-96d1-41a3-8a3a-2d0ff697f8c4 payload: {"instance"=>"8d1947c6-84cb-4144-4a97-9038a7978ebf", "index"=>0, "reason"=>"CRASHED", "exit_description"=>"failed to initialize container", "crash_count"=>3, "crash_timestamp"=>1443284066323748334, "version"=>"b5a0a268-82f7-445d-937d-4349415b2a70"}

I'm betting it is one machine not being able to talk to another.
What log may provide any additional details on what's failing?


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