Re: Running/Deploying UAA as a standalone service (not within CloudFoundry environment)

Filip Hanik

hi TJ,
because the UAA supports multi tenancy and it denotes a tenant by using a
subdomain, we need to know what the base URL is.
By default it is localhost



would support the 'default' zone at localhost, and tenant1,localhost and
tenant2.localhost tenants.

You can add more default host names to (in addition to localhost) by adding
hostnames to a Yaml configuration file.


and this would now also support (default tenant/zone) (tenant1) (tenant2)

On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 10:20 AM, TJ Brown <tjbrown(a)> wrote:

I'm trying to evaluate UAA to be used as a user authentication /
authorization service to be used within a microservice architecture but not
within a CloudFoundry environment. When running UAA using

$ ./gradlew run

the application seems to work locally but I can't access it externally.
So, what do I need to configure to allow access from other hosts?

Also, are there instructions / guides / tutorial for how to deploy uaa on
an existing Tomcat server?

Thanks for your help.

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