Re: Environment variables with special characters not handled correctly?

Daniel Mikusa

Sorry, sounds like escaping is the only option here for an environment
variable. If you don't want to escape, I think you could create a user
provided service, provide the value through there and bind that to your
app. That'll come into VCAP_SERVICES which, if I read the PT story right,
shouldn't need any extra escaping.


On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 3:10 PM, Jonas Rosland <jonas.rosland(a)>

Hi Dieu and Daniel,

I did set the environment variable like you suggest Daniel, I should've
showed that in my example. I see now that the app wrongly removes the $
characters and the character after it, I didn't notice that before. `cf env
appname` shows the correct environment variable, so I guess I will have to
do some escaping of characters in my app?

Best regards,
Jonas Rosland

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