Re: How to deploy a Web application using HTTPs

Juan Antonio BreƱa Moral <bren at>

Hi James,

Now, understood your technical explanation:

"the standard way to do this is to terminate SSL at a load balancer, which then forwards to the CF routing tier. the hop between the load balancer and the cf router may be done with SSL. the network path from gorouter to the DEA / Diego Cell backend is only supported with http today."

"app client ---HTTPS---> LB ---HTTPS---> GoRouter ---HTTP---> DEA/DiegoCell"

Cloud foundry supports SSL connections, but currently GoRouter only handle http.

I checked the idea and I noticed that when I deploy an application, the platform add the following http headers:

"x-forwarded-for":"CLIENT_REAL_IP, CLOUD_FOUNDRY_IP",

So, if you only want to execute an API for example with https, it is necessary to filter with this header:

"x-forwarded-proto":"https" (The idea from Matthew Sykes)

I think that it is necessary to create another issue to add the support for http2 I checked, but if fails, the same reason:

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