Re: Avoid some folder or files using the command cf push

Chunhua Zhang <chzhang@...>

please ref to : cf push
Finds the Application

By default, cf push recursively pushes the contents of the current working
directory. Alternatively, you can provide a path using either a manifest or
a command line option.

- If the path is to a directory, cf push recursively pushes the contents
of that directory instead of the current working directory.
- If the path is to a file, cf push pushes only that file.

*Note*: If you want to push more than a single file, but not the entire
contents of a directory, consider using a .cfignore file to tell cf push what
to exclude.

2015-09-23 16:08 GMT+08:00 Juan Antonio Breña Moral <bren(a)>:


sometimes, I deploy applications using CLI with the command cf push. This
command uploads the content of a folder and it uses the manifest file. I
would like to know if exist some way in the manifest.yml or another file to
avoid uploading some folder.

For example, if any developer create Node.js Application, the folder
node_modules is not necessary to upload because Node.js buildpack is able
to read and download the required dependencies described in the file

Does exist some way to do it?

Many thanks in advance.

Juan Antonio
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