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Alexander Lomov <alexander.lomov@...>

Thank you for the nice idea.

I have the following questions on the topic:

1. As far as I can see, Subway broker is not designed to be run as multiple instances (for instance to provide redundancy). Do you think of some kind of distributed locks to allow Subway service broker to be run in parallel?
2. Do you plan adding some kind of strategies to bind subway with BOSH and deploy additional single node services in case if all existing are busy?

I guess this functionality can be too much for an simple app that can be deployed to CF. Still they could be implemented as options.

Thank you,
Alex L.

On Sep 22, 2015, at 2:27 AM, Dr Nic Williams <drnic(a)<mailto:drnic(a)>> wrote:

Quicky links:


We've been using Ferdy's Docker BOSH release since he created it, and have published new docker images, new wrapper BOSH releases and more. But it still doesn't scale horizontally (yes it has docker swarm support but no that can't do persistent storage on volumes).

So we created Subway - a broker that allows you to run a fleet of single-server service brokers such as Docker BOSH release, or cf-redis-boshrelease.

I'll write up/create a video soon to walk-thru upgrading your existing in-production single-server services to use Subway.

Have fun!


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