Re: cf push a node js app without a manifest file

Jesse T. Alford

I suspect it might be forward VS backwards slashes in the file path that's
tripping things up, there. Does using / in the Linux file path help?

On Sun, Sep 20, 2015, 7:55 PM Varsha Nagraj <n.varsha(a)> wrote:

I needed to have a testcase for creating multiple threads pushing the app.
Since I had different host names, was not sure if I could also have the
same app name. Thank you for the reply.

For q1) I have an issue, so the following command worked on windows: cf
push myApp1 -c "node app.js" -d "" -i 1 -n dummyhost -m 64M -p
"\path\to\my\application" --no-manifest"

But when I run the same command on linux, I again have an issue of "Failed
incorrect usage" Is there a issue when we use double quotes?

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