Re: cf push a node js app without a manifest file

Jesse T. Alford

On point 1, you need to quote your start command. Otherwise, the space is a
problem. Also, the word memory should be replaced with the -m flag.

On Sat, Sep 19, 2015, 10:38 AM Varsha Nagraj <n.varsha(a)> wrote:

1)How can I do a "cf push" without a manifest file? For ex: I issue the
following cf command " cf push myApp1 -c node app.js -d -i 1
-n dummyhost memory 64M -p \path\to\my\application --no-manifest" and I
face the following error:"Failed incorrect usage"

2)Also can I have multiple applications with the same name, but with a
seperate hostname?

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