DEA/Warden staging error

Kyle Havlovitz (kyhavlov)

I’ve been trying to configure the CC security groups to get this stuff working and haven’t been able to do it. Currently I’m trying to use just one security group to allow anything:
Name allow_all
"destination": "",
"protocol": "all"
"destination": "",
"ports": "53",
"protocol": "tcp"
"destination": "",
"ports": "53",
"protocol": "udp"

But I still can’t get to anything from inside the container. Is there something else I have to configure for this?

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It certainly could be. By default the contains reject all egress traffic. CC security groups configure iptables rules that allow traffic out.

One of the default security groups in the BOSH templates allows access on port 53. If you have no security groups, the containers will not be able to make any outgoing requests.

Joseph & Natalie
CF Release Integration Team

On Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 8:44 AM, Kyle Havlovitz (kyhavlov) <kyhavlov(a)<mailto:kyhavlov(a)>> wrote:
On running git clone inside the container via the warden shell, I get:
"Cloning into 'staticfile-buildpack'...
fatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host:<>".
So the container can't get to anything outside of it (I also tried pinging some external IPs to make sure it wasn't a DNS thing). Would this be caused by cloud controller security group settings?

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