Firehose plugin for the CLI

Johannes Tuchscherer

We (the Logging and Metrics team) recently spent a lot of time working with
the firehose and writing nozzles. While doing that, we found ourselves in
the need for an easy way to access the firehose, so we started working on a
CF CLI plugin for the firehose. It is now at a usable state and we hope
that others might find it useful as well.

You can find it here:

After installing it, you can just connect to the nozzle like this:

cf nozzle (--debug)

This will print out all the messages that are produced by the firehose.
Caveat: This only works if you are an admin for your CF installation - or
if your admin set up an account for you with the doppler.firehose scope.

If you have any questions or issues, please open an issue on github or post
here on the mailing list.

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