Re: FYI: Survey: Cloud Foundry Service Broker Compliance

Mohamed Mohamed <mmohamed@...>

Hi, all,

We would like to thank everybody for taking the survey.
However, we received quite few responses.
We will appreciate if you spend few minutes to take the survey and give us
your opinion on having CF service brokers compliance.

Best regards,

Max, Heiko and Mohamed

Mohamed Mohamed
IBM Almaden Research Center

From: Michael Maximilien/Almaden/IBM
To: cf-dev(a)
Cc: Mohamed Mohamed/Almaden/IBM(a)IBMUS, Heiko Ludwig/Watson/IBM(a)IBMUS
Date: 09/10/2015 04:42 PM
Subject: FYI: Survey: Cloud Foundry Service Broker Compliance

Hi, all,

I've been working on some side projects with IBM Research to improve
various aspects of CF. Some are pretty early research work and some are
ready to graduate and presented to you.

One of these relates to compliance of CF Service Brokers. We want to share
this work and make it open. We are planning a series of meetings next week
to socialize, open, and propose incubation. If interested then ping me

In the mean time, Mohamed and Heiko, my colleagues from IBM Research, and
I have put together a short (literally two minutes) survey to gage what
would be the value of having Cloud Foundry (CF) service brokers

We'd be grateful if you could find some time to take this short survey
before we start socializing the solution we have been working on.

Feel free to forward the survey link to others who may not be on this
mailing list and that you think should also take the survey

After we gather results, we will share a summary with everyone by next

All the best,

Mohamed, Heiko, and Max

ibm cloud labs
silicon valley, ca

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