Data services import/export

Guillaume Berche


I'm wondering whether there are plans to normalize backup/restore or
import/export of data services (e.g. mysql, redis...). On top of built-in
durability that these services offer, this would cover use cases such as:

- snapshot/restore of data following manual app-ops error or data
corruption from the application
- need to clone/copy data services (e.g. reproduce a problem from prod
to qa, or reset to a well-known test data set...)

Following the great cf summit session from Jusha Kruck [1], we exchanged
over [2] and I drafted some specs of such import/export service targetting
low volume data services at [3]. I'd love to hear comments and suggestions.

I'd like to know if some others in the community have similar needs, and
would potentially be interested in collaborating on an opensource
implementation that Orange is starting to work on [4].

Thanks in advance,



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