Buildpacks PMC - 2015-05-20 Notes

Mike Dalessio

Howdy all,

We had a meeting of the Buildpacks PMC today, which was only lightly
attended and we adjourned quickly.

Permanent notes are at:

but I've helpfully also included a snapshot of those notes below.

Happy Wednesday!


*# Buildpacks PMC Meeting 2015-05-20*

*## Agenda*

1. Update on Java Buildpack (Ryan Morgan)
2. Update on core Buildpacks (Mike Dalessio)
3. Open Discussion

*## Attendees*

* Chip Childers, Cloud Foundry Foundation
* Mike Dalessio, Pivotal (PMC lead)
* Matthew Sykes, IBM

*## Update on Java Buildpack (Ryan Morgan)*

* Added support for Wily Introscope.
* Memory calculator re-written in Go and supports java memory
configuration at startup time rather than staging time. Some details
on this feature were posted to cf-dev by Chris Frost last week.
* Team currently discussing how to 'pin' buildpack dependency versions
to allow for repeatable offline buildpack creation.
* Team also discussing moving from Jenkins to Concourse for CI.

Mike will follow up with the team to discuss how `buildpack-packager`
might be used to pin cached dependencies.

*## Update on core Buildpacks (Mike Dalessio)*

The [binary buildpack][binary] was added into `cf-release` last week
([PR here][binary-pr]), and moved into the `cloudfoundry` github
org. This is the same idea as what's commonly called a "null"
buildpack, where developers can simply execute a binary at runtime.

The [staticfile buildpack][static] was added into `cf-release` last
week ([PR here][static-pr]), and moved into the `cloudfoundry` github
org. Originally created by Dr. Nic, this buildpacks allows a static
website to be published behind nginx, and for nginx to be configured
in a few interesting ways.

At long last, [skinny buildpacks][skinny] made it into `cf-release`
([PRs here][skinny-pr]). There was also some interesting discussion on
the mailing lists, both [old][skinny-thread1] and

Notable near-term goals:

* ability to generate and test CF rootfs-specific binaries; and tooling for
CF operators to do the same
* work more closely with the java-buildpacks team

*## Open Discussion*

Mike: Just want to note that IBM open-sourced their linux-based ASP.NET/Mono
buildpack this week. Looks awesome!



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