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Simon Leung <leungs@...>

Hi Armin,
I am from the CLI team. Thanks for your interest in the CLI project.
We think the best way for you to start is to pick out some bugs from our backlog that are not in our near future iterations. It will be a great way for you to setup the dev environment and get familiar with the project. You also should start out by picking up 'bug' instead of 'feature' story, which has a much lower chance for us to change the story's priority or acceptance requirement.
and this is a sample story which you are welcome to pick up:
Our team is always available to help, feel free to reach out either through email or github issue if you have any questions.

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Hi Armin! 
I work on the CLI team.
Usually people just attack what matters to them and then make PR's. You can see that we've handled a lot of PR's from non team members. One of the benefits of this, is that the user tackes something that, even if we cannot merge it, has value to them.
However if someone is interested in tackling something which meets our short term goals, off of our backlog of work, we need to think about how to co-ordinate that.
You can imagine some issues with this:
* What if the person changes their mind, for any reason, at any point
* What if the person produces something we were also working on. 
I'll bring this up at our daily standup tomorrow and see if we can provide you with some guidance on what to look into.
Thanks so much for your interest.
Kind Regards,
On Sun, Sep 13, 2015 at 10:52 AM, Armin Ranjbar <zoup@...> wrote:
Thanks for the reply!
i think i do, i have signed CLA that a while ago. 
i'll certainly join the doc sprint! meanwhile i prefer to start working on CLI as well, but generally, whenever help is required i'm open to offer.
Armin ranjbar
On Sun, Sep 13, 2015 at 7:15 PM, James Bayer <jbayer@...> wrote:
thanks for indicating an interest! hopefully you have a CLA on-file. you can see some of the contribution first steps here, including the CLA to fill out if you still need to do that step [1].
do you have a particular area of interest in the project? e.g. the cli, the api, services on the platform, documentation? we can check with the teams in the area you're the most interested in.
there is also a doc-sprint coming up [2] that may be fun to participate in, even if you aren't able to join in-person there are probably areas of the documentation that can be improved from a remote location. stormy peters is the contact for that.
On Sun, Sep 13, 2015 at 1:24 AM, Armin Ranjbar <zoup@...> wrote:
Hello! :)
i was looking around tracker to find issues (probably low hanging ones to start with) to fix, while i might have found some that i could help with, i wanted to signal you guys as well so i could take next step in right direction.
Armin ranjbar
Thank you,
James Bayer


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