Re: Multi DEA pool in cloudfoundry

James Bayer

the cf oss wiki [1] has a design docs section [2] that lists an approach
called "placement pools" [3].

the placement pools concept never moved beyond the proposal phase and now
that diego is the focus for go-forward app workloads, the proposal is being
reworked with diego in-mind and updated for new requirements. the name of
this new proposal is called "isolation groups" and dieu has committed to
sharing that proposal with the cf community in the coming weeks.


On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 11:49 PM, ezhang <ezhang(a)> wrote:

Can Cloudfoundry place specific app on specific IaaS pool. Install many CF
not a elegant option. Can we support it as below?
1: install full cf-release
2: install DEA on specific IaaS, change the nats config to installed CF
3: setup different Stack for each DEA

then App can push though one cloud controller, and run on different IaaS
pool through stack. Each DEA managed by their own BOSH

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