Re: New bosh-lite default url

Zachary Auerbach <zauerbach@...>

I have egg on my face. We've now communicated better with the CAPI team and
are using their changes to the relevant repos with

Sorry for the confusion
Zak + Dan

On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 11:22 AM, Zachary Auerbach <zauerbach(a)>

Hi Folks,

Due to recent instability with we've created a dedicated DNS entry
at "" that points to

We've changed over the default domain in our cf-warden templates so all
new bosh-lite deployments should continue to work as before with the new
domain. Upgrading bosh-lite deployments with this change should also
continue to work, however you should be aware that existing bosh-lite
deployments will still have set as their default
domain. Deploying these changes will ADD the new
domain, but not replace as the default domain. This will break
things like the cats-persistent-app.

We will be upgrading the relevant READMEs but please reply if you have any
questions or thoughts about this change.

Zak + Dan, CF OSS Release Integration

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