Migrating from to bosh-lite.com

Dan Wendorf

On the CAPI team, we were experiencing pain around the flakiness of xip.io
causing spurious test failures. We have registered bosh-lite.com, which is
just an A record to, as well as for its subdomains (e.g.
foo.bar.bosh-lite.com also resolves to

We would like to switch cf-release, cf-acceptance-tests, and smoke-tests to
use bosh-lite.com exclusively, but wanted to check with the community to
see if there are any compelling reasons not to switch. In the case that
there's no reason not to switch, we wanted to give a little bit of a
heads-up before making the change.

In our testing of this, CATs run just fine. On our bosh-lite CF
environment, we had to `cf delete-shared-domain`, `cf
target -o CATS-persistent-org && cf delete CATS-persistent-app`, and update
the file in our CONFIG environment variable to make tests pass, but
everything else "just worked".

You can review these changes on the bosh_lite_com branches of the following

cf-release <https://github.com/cloudfoundry/cf-release/tree/bosh_lite_com>
(for those interested in configuring their bosh-lite via Sprout)


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