Re: Add app monitoring agent framework in custom buildpack

Christopher Frost


The Java Buildpack is under the Apache License so you can reuse the code as
you like but obviously you will need to rewrite it from Ruby to Java if
your buildpack is written in Java. The steps you will need to go through to
get New Relic or Wily working will be very similar regardless of the
language the buildpack is written in.

Christopher Frost - Pivotal UK
Java Buildpack Team

On Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 9:07 AM, Swatz bosh <swatzron(a)> wrote:


I have a custom buildpack of my software and and I want to use NewRelic/CA
Wily agent frameworks which is added in java-buildpack [1].
So may I know what all components of these agents I can reuse from
java-buildpack? I found that these agents are written in Ruby, so can I
reuse them in my buildpack which is on java?



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