consolidated routing api

Shannon Coen

We currently have two routing APIs in CF.
1. HTTP Routing API in cf-release:
2. TCP Routing API in cf-routing-release:

The TCP Routing API is quite basic and we want to extend it for high
availability, authentication, etc. However, instead of enhancing the
existing TCP Routing API, we plan to add support for TCP route registration
to the Routing API in cf-release, as it already supports many of the
desired features. We'll get rid of the current API in cf-routing-release
and submodule in the Routing API from cf-release. Eventually we'll move the
Routing API (along with GoRouter and HAProxy) from cf-release into
cf-routing-release and submodule them into cf-release.

This consolidation, along with our not having any API consumer besides
GoRouter yet, gives us the opportunity to consider a common behavior for
routing API endpoints. We welcome your comments in our design doc:

Thank you,

Shannon Coen
Product Manager, Cloud Foundry
Pivotal, Inc.

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