Re: Any word on a large install version of CF on OpenStack?

Amit Kumar Gupta

Hi Michael,

What do you consider "large"? In principle, nothing is stopping you from
deploying a large cf deployment to your own OpenStack environment. When
you say "seeing a large install version of CF on OpenStack," whom would you
like to see produce this large install? There are several large
CF-on-OpenStack installs out there in the wild, but are you specifically
waiting on one from Stark & Wayne?


On Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 2:55 PM, Michael Minges <mminges(a)> wrote:

Curious whether there is any word on a possible time frame of seeing a
large install version of CF on OpenStack. I saw in the comments section of
a blog post (
by Chris Weibel of Stark&Wayne that a cf-openstack-large.yml was in the
works but there was no set date for when that may be released to the
public. Currently we have a tiny deploy of CF on OpenStack for Dev but we
are looking to migrate our environment to a large install if this is in the
works and due out soon. Is this mailing list even the right place to start
this thread?

Thanks ahead for your time,

Michael Minges

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