Proposal: Decomposing cf-release and Extracting Deployment Strategies

Amit Kumar Gupta

Hi all,

The CF OSS Release Integration team (casually referred to as the "MEGA
team") is trying to solve a lot of tightly interrelated problems, and make
many of said problems less interrelated. It is difficult to address just
one issue without touching the others, so the following proposal addresses
several issues, but the most important ones are:

* decompose cf-release into many independently manageable, independently
testable, independently usable releases
* separate manifest generation strategies from the release source, paving
the way for Diego to be part of the standard deployment

This proposal will outline a picture of how manifest generation will work
in a unified manner in development, test, and integration environments. It
will also outline a picture of what each release’s test pipelines will look
like, how they will feed into a common integration environment, and how
feedback from the integration environment will feed back into the test
environments. Finally, it will propose a picture for what the integration
environment will look like, and how we get from the current integration
environment to where we want to be.

For further details, please feel free to view and comment here:

Amit, CF OSS Release Integration team

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