Re: CATs failing

Amit Kumar Gupta

curl exit code 6 means DNS failed. is flaky, so we this often in
our dev environments where our app domains tend to be

The CATS expect the apps to finish uploading, staging, and running in 2
minutes, although in reality this can take longer depending on the size of
the app, the number of dependencies it needs to fetch, etc. The CATS apps
are designed to generally get up and running within the 2 minute period,
but can't account for all possible types of network slowness.

openjdk is 43M and downloading on my machine takes about 7 seconds. In
your test output, we see it took 55 seconds. The last thing it was trying
to do was upload the 51M droplet, then at some point the 2min time limit
for everything to finish gets hit and the test fails. My guess is you're
experiencing network issues. If you can't fix those, you may want to
configure a more lenient push timeout in your acceptance_tests errand:

Note, the above value is in seconds, so for e.g. if you want 3 minutes, set
it to 180.

On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 10:52 AM, Quintessence Anx <qanx(a)>

Good afternoon!

Our CF deployment fails 4 of the CATs. I have put the errors and the full
output in a GIST here:


* There's a curl error even though the curl succeeds when I run it in
* There's a Java buildpack error I can't figure out.
* There are two other buildpack errors, one each for the binary and
staticfile buildpacks. I believe these are expected, though, since we don't
have these two buildpacks in our deployment.

Does anyone know what could be causing these failures?



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