Re: stdout.log and stderr.log not show in CF197 with loggregator enabled

Erik Jasiak

Dan is correct - "cf file" for getting stdout/stderr files directly was
deprecated some time ago. I'll try to locate when that happened (it was
before my time.)

From the cli, "cf logs" for streaming, and "cf logs --recent" for a
quick dump are the way to go.

PM - loggregator

Daniel Mikusa wrote:

Have you tried running `cf logs` instead? Anything written to STDOUT
or STDERR should be visible there for some period of time. For long
term storage, you should look at setting up a log drain on your


On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 9:08 AM, Shruthi Ravindra
<Shruthi.ravindra(a) <mailto:Shruthi.ravindra(a)>> wrote:


we are also facing the same issue when we check the "cf files
pfh-cos-dicomobjectstore-dev /logs" we are able to see only the
staging logs and not the stdout.log abd stderror.log.
we need to access these logs to debug the error.
how do we enable the stdout and stderror logs

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