Re: Which kind of resources stored in cc-resources container?

Matt Reider

You can refer to this discussion for some understanding of what is stored
in the cc-resources container:!topic/vcap-dev/nTQSn8spBPE

It's basically stores larger files to speed up subsequent app push. An
initial push will be slow, as all files are uploaded. A second push will be
faster, as the larger files (over 64k by default, but can be adjusted up),
are stored in the cc-resources container for re-use.

On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 6:40 PM Guangcai Wang <>


I am using Swift as Cloud Foundry blobstore. I noticed there are four

For the first three containers, I can find the relationship between the
object in containers and the records in postgres database. I also noticed
that some objects will be stored in cc-resources when I push applications.
They seem related to the type of application (ruby, java, etc). However, I
cannot find what should be stored in cc-resources container. Are they
uploaded automatically by buildpack? Is it decided by buildpack or
application? How to configure them if it is decided by application?


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