Generic data points for dropsonde

Benjamin Black


The existing dropsonde protocol uses a different message type for each
event type. HttpStart, HttpStop, ContainerMetrics, and so on are all
distinct types in the protocol definition. This requires protocol changes
to introduce any new event type, making such changes very expensive. We've
been working for the past few weeks on an addition to the dropsonde
protocol to support easier future extension to new types of events and to
make it easier for users to define their own events.

The document linked below [1] describes a generic data point message
capable of carrying multi-dimensional, multi-metric points as sets of
name/value pairs. This new message is expected to be added as an additional
entry in the existing dropsonde protocol metric type enum. Things are now
at a point where we'd like to get feedback from the community before moving
forward with implementation.

Please contribute your thoughts on the document in whichever way you are
most comfortable: comments on the document, email here, or email directly
to me. If you comment on the document, please make sure you are logged in
so we can keep track of who is asking for what. Your views are not just
appreciated, but critical to the continued health and success of the Cloud
Foundry community. Thank you!



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