Re: Collector fix for default data tagging

Rohit Kumar

Hi Marco,

We instrumented the collector and found that none of the existing CF
components provide any tags which would be overridden by the latest
collector change. So this change shouldn't affect any metric names coming
from components in cf-release or diego-release. Let us know if you do find
any metrics from other components which do get affected by this.

Rohit and David

On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 11:05 AM, Erik Jasiak <mjasiak(a)> wrote:

Thanks Marco - for everyone else on the list, we reached out to Marco
after this email, and opened a tracker story[1] to do deeper analysis of
collector tags that may change. Thus far we have found nothing, but will
keep you all posted.


Voelz, Marco wrote:

Dear Erik,

thanks for the detailed explanation and the heads-up. A few comments and
questions below.

On 26/08/15 17:49, "Erik Jasiak" <mjasiak(a)> wrote:

We’ve decided to fix the collector bug to not overwrite these tags. However,
we wanted to explain the impact: If this change will cripple your
existing CF monitoring (i.e. the possible change in metrics data will hurt
you, and you’d rather call the bug the ‘intended behavior’) please let us
know ASAP.

Will the change you are doing now in any way affect the already existing
metrics and what users of the graphite plugin see as their names? Names are
computed from the tags ‘deployment’, ‘job’, ‘index’, ‘ip’, ‘key’ [1].

We currently use the collector to forward metrics in graphite format and
built alerting and dashboards around this. So the alerts and dashboards
contain metric names in their queries, such as
“CF-landscape.Router.*.<metric name>”. If the names change, it *will*
break the queries we have and render the alerts and dashboards useless –
which might be somewhat transparent for dashboards, because you no longer
see data, but is a disaster for alerts when you assume everything is fine
if no event occurs.

I am aware that at some point in time we have to migrate to a
graphite-firehose-nozzle and I am fine if we have to adapt metric names in
alerts and dashboards. However, as long as I don’t do that migration, I
would expect that our setup continues to work as it does today.

I’m also not sure about the detailed analysis:

the collector will override the tag provided by the varz endpoint
("job:api_z1") with the tag computed as a result of the registration
message on NATS ("job:CloudController"). As a result, we may end up with
unexpected tags in our downstream consumers of metrics.

This is only about metrics which get added now, right? Because for all
metrics existing today, I would not call the current behavior “unexpected”
- this is what I’m using right now.

*Potential Ramifications:*

Although this change is pretty small, we could think of a hypothetical
situation where this update changes the tags emitted by the collector. If a
metric includes one of these tags already, it will no longer be overridden.
As a result, the downstream consumer would see a different tag.

This part also seems to be targeted to authors providing new metrics.
Because, again, for the already existing metrics I as a consumer don’t know
about the tags with which the metrics are emitted from the components
currently, all I know about is what I’m getting from the collector.

*TL;DR*: As long as for none of the existing metrics the tags
‘deployment’, ‘job’, ‘index’, ‘ip’, ‘key’ change, this change should be
fine from our point of view. If they change, this change is a breaking one
and I’d rather see this bug not fixed in the collector, but adapt my
existing alerts and dashboards once I switch to the firehose.

Warm regards


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