Re: ASP.NET 5 buildpack now in cloudfoundry-community

Christopher B Ferris <chrisfer@...>

Awesome! Great work, team!


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From: Jack Cai <greensight(a)>
To: cf-dev(a)
Date: 05/15/2015 03:19 PM
Subject: [cf-dev] ASP.NET 5 buildpack now in cloudfoundry-community
Sent by: cf-dev-bounces(a)

We just open sourced a buildpack that can run the latest ASP.NET 5
applications [1]. ASP.NET 5 is a major redesign of ASP.NET [2]. This is
also a key difference from the existing .net buildpack [3].

Right now this buildpack still uses Mono[4] emulation layer, but we expect
it to switch to the .Net core CLR for Linux [5] once it becomes more

We hope you have a chance to try it and give us feedback. ASP.NET 5 is
rapidly evolving and you can help influence how the buildpack grows with



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