Re: Update on Mailman 3 launch

Marco Nicosia

Hi Eric (a different Marco here),

I noticed that delivery status for cf-bosh had been set to 'disabled' last
week, and re-enabled it. It's the only of the three that I have set to
'Mime Digests' delivery mode.

I don't remember which day last week, but I haven't gotten anything since,
and I can see that there was activity on the list as recently as Saturday.

Marco Nicosia
Product Manager
Pivotal Software, Inc.

On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 8:46 AM, Eric Searcy <eric(a)>

Hi Marco,

Just to confirm, did you leave it enabled in "mime digest" mode for longer
than a day so that there was list traffic to bundle and digest for you? I
don't see any errors in the error log related to MIME digest sends, but see
about reproducing this today and submit a bug.

The preference lookup appears to give precedence to the settings on the
subscription, then on the address, then on the user ("global"), and finally
on the system default—it stops at the first defined value it sees. I'll
file a bug to have some better clarification in the UI.


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