Fail to stage application when scale the DEA

Layne Peng

Hi, my cf-release is v200. And I met an issue when scale out the DEA number with BOSH. When I ssh to my DEA_NEXT node, the log shows:

{"timestamp":1440419081.440199,"message":"em-http-request.errored","log_level":"error","source":"Staging","data":{"error":"Error downloading: Response status: unknown, Error: ","data":{"droplet_uri":"http://staging_upload_user:PASSWORD(a)"}},"thread_id":17109100,"fiber_id":26594680,"process_id":30334,"file":"/var/vcap/packages/dea_next/lib/dea/utils/download.rb","lineno":43,"method":"block in download!"}

Then I tried to download it manually, get the following error:

--2015-08-24 13:20:09-- http://staging_upload_user:*password*@
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 401 Unauthorized
Unknown authentication scheme.

Username/Password Authentication Failed.

And I have ssh to my cloud controller to check /var/vcap/jobs/cloud_controller_ng/config/cloud_controller_ng.yml, the username and password seems to be correct:

# App staging parameters
timeout_in_seconds: 900
minimum_staging_memory_mb: 1024
minimum_staging_disk_mb: 4096
minimum_staging_file_descriptor_limit: 16384
user: staging_upload_user
password: "PASSWORD"

Any clue for this issue?

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