Re: UAA local run stuck at "cargoRunLocal"

Filip Hanik

./gradlew run --info

The --info flag will print out the UAA and Tomcat logs to screen.

the server will then be accessible on http://localhost:8080/uaa

On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 2:43 PM, Alex Lam <alex.c.lam(a)> wrote:

Can someone shed some light on why my UAA local run got stuck at
I don't think the service is up because I don't see anything listening to
port 8080.

When I did a Ctrl-C, everything ended.

I am using Oracle Java 1.8


Press Ctrl-C to stop the container...
:cargoRunLocal took 254765ms
:run took 0ms


Total time: 6 mins 27.502 secs
Task timings:
642ms :cloudfoundry-identity-common:compileJava
690ms :cloudfoundry-identity-common:processResources
1279ms :cloudfoundry-identity-common:jar
19984ms :cloudfoundry-identity-common:javadoc
946ms :cloudfoundry-identity-common:javadocJar
3346ms :cloudfoundry-identity-scim:compileJava
1213ms :cloudfoundry-identity-login:compileJava
4263ms :cloudfoundry-identity-scim:javadoc
4022ms :cloudfoundry-identity-login:javadoc
11868ms :cloudfoundry-identity-uaa:war
3286ms :cloudfoundry-identity-samples:cloudfoundry-identity-api:javadoc
7085ms :cloudfoundry-identity-samples:cloudfoundry-identity-api:war
1969ms :cloudfoundry-identity-samples:cloudfoundry-identity-app:javadoc
6920ms :cloudfoundry-identity-samples:cloudfoundry-identity-app:war
254765ms :cargoRunLocal

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