Re: Is spiff dead?

Amit Kumar Gupta

Spiff is not currently replaced by another tool, but it is not the ideal
tool for the job (too many features to shoot yourself in the foot with, not
enough features about BOSH knowledge, and just some general awkward hoops
it makes you jump through). We have it on our roadmap to improve manifest
generation, so we're not investing more activity into spiff that will slow
our progress towards where we eventually want to end up. For now, manifest
generation remains the same, and we will aim to introduce improvements in a
smooth manner.

A great majority of the improvements in manifest generation will come from
BOSH itself. See the bosh-notes for a list of current and upcoming
features ( Specifically the
list under the "Deployment configuration" heading in the README. Those
features open up some exciting possibilities for how simple manifest might

Amit, Release Integration (MEGA) team PM

On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 11:29 PM, Kei YAMAZAKI <daydream.yamazaki(a)>

Hi all,

I consider use the spiff to manage a lot of manifest.
But I found statement that the spiff is not under active development.

Manifest management is very complex and cf-release has same problem (
diego-release also ).
I think the spiff is unable to resolve this problem completely and I
recognize the mega team is working on this problem.

So I have questions,
- Is spiff replaced by other tool?
- How to manage manifest files in the mega team.


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