Re: Using s3 for blobstore bucket prefix

CF Runtime

Currently there is no way to use a single bucket with prefixes for the
different blobstores. In theory you could point them all at the same bucket
and nothing would break, but you'd probably regret that some day when you
wanted to clean out the resource matching blobstore or something like that.

OSS Release Integration Team

On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 11:58 AM, Rich Wohlstadter <lethwin(a)>


I'm trying to setup so that cloud controller uses s3 for blobstore in
AWS. I can get it working by supplying bucket names in the relevant key
fields(resource_directory_key,etc). Want I wanted to know is if there is
anyway we can supply prefix's. For instance, I want to use the same bucket
for droplets, buildpacks, etc and organize them as so:

mybucket/prod/cc-buildpacks for buildpacks
mybucket/prod/cc-droplets for droplets
mybucket/prod/cc-packages for packages
mybucket/prod/cc-resources for resources

Just cant find a way to specify the prefix's so I don't have to create 4
buckets. Any way to do this?



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