Re: Script hangs when updating the cf-release

CF Runtime

Hmm, we're not seeing any problems like that, and really we're just running
some git commands.

I would assume that running the script does create a lot of connections in
a short amount of time. Is it possible part of your network infrastructure
is seeing this as some sort of attack and blocking connections after a
certain number is reached?

OSS Release Integration Team

On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 6:36 AM, Roberto Jimenez Sanchez <roberto(a)

I am having exactly the same issue using develop branch and latest commit:

$ git pull origin develop
* branch develop -> FETCH_HEAD
Already up-to-date.
$ git checkout develop
M src/etcd-release
M src/
M src/hm9000
M src/loggregator
M src/smoke-tests
M src/uaa
M src/warden
Already on 'develop'
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/develop'.

[roberto(a)oc4828837525 cf-release]$ ./update
....(output ommitted)
Submodule path 'src/etcd-metrics-server': checked out
Submodule path 'src/etcd-release': checked out
Submodule path 'src/etcd-release/src/': checked out
Cloning into 'src/'...
[roberto(a)oc4828837525 cf-release]$ Failed to recurse into submodule path

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