Re: Update on Mailman 3 launch

Eric Searcy <eric@...>

We have an open upstream bug about the issue that is causing delays to mail (including
messages you post via the web interface sometimes not showing up). I hope this will have
a proper resolution by the end of the week, and in the mean time we will be monitoring for
this and “unsticking” any messages that get stuck: so if you don’t see any error, then
your message *will* get posted.
We have a workaround in place for the above issue (hack code to disable connection pooling) and it seems to have addressed this problem until we can get a better fix.

We've also just filed a new bug related to digest delivery mode affecting 3 or 4 list members, however we haven't yet determined exactly what the nature of the impact is. Hopefully a quick fix as soon as we discover more about the bug.


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