Update on Mailman 3 launch

Eric Searcy <eric@...>

Thank you for your patience as we continue to pilot Mailman 3 with the Cloud Foundry project. We do appreciate any feedback (and bug reports!) you have from using the system, which can be sent to helpdesk(a)cloudfoundry.org.

We have an open upstream bug about the issue that is causing delays to mail (including messages you post via the web interface sometimes not showing up). I hope this will have a proper resolution by the end of the week, and in the mean time we will be monitoring for this and “unsticking” any messages that get stuck: so if you don’t see any error, then your message *will* get posted.

We have been working with the Mailman maintainers on improvements since before we launched Cloud Foundry on Mailman 3, as well as to fix the problems we’ve found since then. The following is a list of issues we’ve been able to address for the Cloud Foundry environment, so in case you have seen any of the following, they should be fixed very soon if not already:

* HTTP “500” error when authenticated users try to post on web to list they are not subscribed to:
* Terrible performance with large list memberships:
* Admins cannot delete lists [postgres]:
* Add web links to forum in footers (not reported by us, but we sponsored the fix):
* Bug logging in with an email that was added as an alternate:
* Bug adding an alternate email to your account that already is in DB:
* Blurry gravatar icons:

We’re also fixing the problem with stale search indexes and a few UI improvements, both for archive browsing and moderator queues.

Let us know if you see anything amiss!

Eric Searcy, Infrastructure Manager
The Linux Foundation

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